About Us

About Us


Founded in 2007, Atelier White designs both contemporary and classic interiors, often combining elements of each. Timeless interiors are created by combining the best elements in design, old and new into balance.

Atelier White has been privileged to work on many high profile and esteemed projects. Be it residential, commercial or hospitality, you can be sure that AW will provide you with the quality services that will take the project to the intended vision.

AW services included: new projects, Archeture, Interior Design, Landscape and full furniture section as well as procurement.

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  • Interior Design

    Design of space, all hard finish materials sections, integration with architectures.

  • Architecture Design

    Design the exterior of the building in consideration with the client requirements , styles , and regulation.

  • Furniture Selection

    Select all movable items from sofas, chairs, carpets, chandlier, accesories etc... and cordination colores and material with the hard finishes.

  • Landscape

    Design of the exterior landscape in coordiantion with the architecture, to complete design ideas and the enhance the styel of the a project.